What is your Sterling Story?

“I was influenced by my parents to go to Sterling to begin with. Our Sunbeam church had had some Sterling alums as pastors in the 20’s ( The Gordons and Zellerss) who doubtless had impressed my folks, and then when I was ready for college, Rev. David Oyler happened to be our minister, who was a Sterling graduate, and his mother lived in Sterling at the time. I wanted to go to Iowa State College to study Agriculture but was willing to go to Sterling for two years if I could go to Iowa to graduate. This I did. My folks were happy and so was I.”

What are you most excited about the SterlingNOW capital campaign?

“I believe in the campaign because I know students today want quality education, and so often they look at (perhaps incorrectly) buildings and assume that is the the level or quality education taught. Also, we need to update buildings and equipment to meet the changing  advancements and requirements of the world around us. With higher cost of education, people expect up-to-date facilitates, too.”

“In today’s world, we need Christian values taught along with the “how” to make a living. How to live is more important than it is as to how to make a living. God will care for our needs if we first seek His mercy.”

Why do you support Sterling and SterlingNOW?

“I’m supporting this campaign because it’s exciting to see new buildings on the campus, and to support our students, faculty and staff. Students using the new improvements of the campaign can be assured they have been given the opportunity now to not only learn how to live but also given the facilities to learn to do the best job.”

“The work of this campaign will attract quality students who will be the Christian leaders of tomorrow. Not only that, but town of Sterling will also benefit from these campus improvements.”