What is your Sterling Story?

“I knew about Sterling because my parents both went to school there, and we went to a few Homecomings growing up. I never really saw myself going there, but towards the end of high school, I was being recruited for football by several schools and I was interested in being in a Christian college environment. On my recruiting trip, the coach at the time talked about his faith and personal faith was something that was encouraged along with playing football. I was impressed with that and felt it would be a good place for me.”

What are you most excited about the SterlingNOW capital campaign?

“The thing I’m most excited about with this campaign is helping Sterling to have top-notch facilities in some of our key academic areas. For many years, we’ve had a great environment with great people, but we have a chance now to really have wonderful facilities to go along with that. For years, some students coming out of high school had better labs than we had at Sterling College. It’s also been exciting in the campaign to watch people who care about Sterling College step up and really give generously. That’s been a real motivator and a real blessing to see people giving towards the school. This school has a great mission, and to see people get behind that is humbling.”

Why do you support Sterling and SterlingNOW?

“I really believe in Sterling’s mission. They state their mission is to be a place where they develop creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith, and for over 130 years, this mission is still the same. I commend the school and the leadership for holding to this mission, and this is something that Tricia and I endorse and we’re really glad there are academic institutions like Sterling out there. We need schools like Sterling because the education you get there is unique, and the reason it’s unique is because they try to educate the whole person. We hold to the Christian mission of the school, and it’s something we enjoy supporting. That’s really what led into us being a part of the campaign is that we view Sterling as a great place with wonderful people, but it’s in need of upgrades for key academic areas. These new facilities will raise the academic capabilities and add value to the already strong education that students receive at Sterling.”

What encouragement do you have for fellow Warriors about the campaign?

“I think, as I said earlier, it’s been humbling and encouraging to see many people step up in significant ways for this campaign. I think all Warriors can be encouraged and motivated by those people who are giving generously. It will be great to see these facilities on campus and to know that you and your family were a part of making that happen. We want to set a good example for our kids in giving to worthy causes, and Sterling College is a worthy cause. We want to be a part of advancing the mission and the vision of Sterling College.”