What is your Sterling Story?

“I came to Sterling College after growing up lifelong in Sterling right across the street from Cooper Hall. I come from several generations of previous alumni and grew up essentially in the “family of Sterling College.” I am a firsthand witness to the heart and soul of SC and why it does what it does. I knew, as many have discovered, what a special place SC was and how the Lord continually blesses the school and guides those who are there. Abby came to Sterling primarily through volleyball and basketball recruitment while also looking for a solid Christian education.”

What are you most excited about the SterlingNOW capital campaign?

“We are excited to see the campaign develop next-level training facilities for both science and athletics. I know that Sterling has a strong pre-med training background, having gone through it myself, and I would love to see what is possible with the new facilities. From an athletic standpoint, we recognize the value in high-quality facilities in both recruiting and training, as well as promoting and representing the excellence that is Sterling College.”

Why do you support Sterling and SterlingNOW?

“We support Sterling because we love the school and the Lord has called us to do so. Sterling each day is training and shaping professional young men and women from a Christ-centered perspective. There is more going at Sterling College than just a great education. There are lots of other colleges and universities around that just do that. What makes the College special is that it has remained humble and reverent before the Lord and recognizes that it is training Warriors for excellence in this life while preparing them for life in eternity.”

What encouragement do you have for fellow Warriors about the campaign?

“We encourage fellow Warriors in the campaign because we believe now is the time we can make an enormous impact on the future of the school during a time when education is deviating further and further from truth, training young minds essentially to rebel against God and love self above all. We know Sterling College loves the Lord above all and desires to do His work. Whatever we can to do to support the Lord’s work we will do. We encourage all alumni to pray for wisdom and consider how we can do our part for the Warrior family through this campaign.”